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We help you focus on animal welfare

"Milk yield loss can start up to four months before being diagnosed clinically and can result in 550 litres of milk loss over a lactation. " - Department of Agriculture.

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Farm Assurance

All farm's details and data will be kept safe and secure. Have everything you need in one place.


All the data you could need can be found here to ensure you know exactly where the milk is coming from and how high the quality is.

Data Centralisation

All the data you'll need to see on the cattle will be centralised into one location to make it easier for you to get to the info you need.

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Animal welfare is the core of what we do.

We aim to eradicate lameness and keep your cows happy and healthy, giving you the best quality milk available.
sharing reports

Compare reports with other vets, trimmers and herd managers.

Our focus is to eradicate lameness so we do our best to keep integrating with other systems to help analyse bovine's data to promote healthy cows.
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Environmentally friendly

We are green and carbon friendly.

Being environmentally cautious we aim to help you reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for paper, we keep all our work online for you to access 24/7


Explore below some of the amazing features our systems provide.

Record Sharing

Download, share and compare records across multiple platforms for more concise and accurate analysis.

Record History

View the record history of any cow in the records, and how their health has changed over any period of time.

Easy Centralised Data

All bovine data collected and presented in one place for your convenience.

Accurate scoring

Scoring using the specific zones of the hoof allows for more accurate data which gives the cattle the best chance possible to be treated correctly.

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Cattle Gallery

View photos and videos that have been taken of the cows directly on the farm for the most accurate information


Users can add comments about anything from veterinary recommendations to ad-hoc observations.

Cloud Storage

Data is saved and secure on the cloud and accessible anywhere on any device giving you more access to the data you need.


Using the systems we have developed and working together, we aim to make this industry work as fast and efficient as possible.

What we do

Top Cloud Manager Features

Just a few benefits of our cloud manager


Use the calendar to make hoof trimming appointments and see which cows need to be checked on the next visit.

Farm Management

Manage the details of farm(s), list of reports, bovines, EID records and view the overall history of your farm.

Report Management

Upload and review detailed reports including customised comments and images that detail each cow’s treatment record.

Veterinary Advice

Easily get in touch with a medical professional for any advice that you may need.


Our management system has been translated into 15+ languages to better help everyone to have better access and a better usability experience overall.

Secure Storage

All data on the system is secure and protected so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Share Reports

Share your reports directly from the manager in any format that's best for you.

Multiple Users

Add users by logging into your admin account and selecting the relevant user type including trimmers, farm managers, vets, consultants and more.

Notifications and Alerts

You will be notified of any upcoming appointments that you may have, which means your schedule is kept up to date.


The following are questions that we are asked on a frequent basis. If your enquiry is not listed below then please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us.

The All4Feet App contains a large list of the diseases that might befall a bovine however you also have the opportunity to add comments to your records giving any extra details you feel is necessary.

Absolutely, you are in complete control when generating reports, you can control who you are willing to share your data with and all information will be completely secure and stored safely.

The app and management services are both made to be easy to use and follow so a beginner to computers will not have a problem finding the information they need.

Yes. We make use of easily recognisable icons to identify the options available on the app to make it universally understandable. However, we have also translated the app into a wide range of different languages to accommodate users from different locations. Please let us know in which language you would prefer the app to be when you purchase it and we will endeavour to have it translated into your preferred language.

No. – The purchase is for the license to use the app but it does not come with a tablet. The All4Feet Treatment App is recommended to be used with a 10 inch Android tablet.

Yes. The license includes both the treatment app and the online manager. Scores made on the field with the Treatment App will be recorded and turned into detailed reports that can be viewed and managed on the All4Feet Manager. Please get in touch with our team to see what else is achievable with the All4Feet app.

Smart pricing

Security packages for everyone

Available data integration for the following companies:

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Milk Buyer's Plan


Per device billed annually

Pro Plan


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What clients are saying

Here are some testimonials from our happy customers.

"I use All4Dairy because vets and nutritionists can look at reports as soon as I’ve been on farm. They get to know what’s going on in farm without actually being there. I also love having 3 months data on the tablet so I can look back at the cow’s history."

Barry Davidson
Hoof Trimmer
“All4Dairy has allowed to take my trimming business to the next level. The ability to data share via the cloud has revolutionized the team approach by making trimming data more accessible to our Canadian producers, vets, nutritionist’s and trimmers. Introducing the All4Dairy program to my operation has streamlined my business management for both myself and my customers bringing my company to a higher standard of professionalism.”

Casper Hoofcare
Hoof Trimmer
“Starting off as a small business we didn’t realise how fast we’d grow. The All4Dairy program allows us to stay professional and paper free. Before having the All4Dairy program, large amounts of time were spent analysing data but now the program instantly works out the day to day data for each individual farm. The farmers are then able to choose who they want to access the data, including their vets and nutritionist. The program allows them to easily access their data, no matter where they are or what time of day it is.”

Thomas Morris
Hoof Trimmer

We help you better focus on trimming

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