About Us

About Us

We're connecting the world to help eradicate lameness.

With Over the 8 years of development, we’ve managed to incorporate ideas from over 25 countries into our systems that help in the early detection of lameness.


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Our approach

Here's what our users have to say

"All4feet has allowed me to take my trimming business to the next level. The ability to data share via the cloud has revolutionized the team approach by making trimming data more accessible."

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The Cream of The Crop

What's our secret? Great people.

Our team consists of people that specialise in Hoof Trimming, VETs, Farmers, Software Developers and also IT & Cyber Security professionals. With these specialists handling every stage of our projects, you can rest assured that you will get the ‘cream of the crop’ at your service.

Our values


We make sure to always act with strong ethics keeping healthy cows at the heart of what we do and keeping everyone true to the company's goal.


We are dedicated to operating with complete honesty and integrity. We earn your trust by working closely with you to achieve the highest possible quality care and provide you with complete transparency.


We treat all of our customers with the utmost respect and pride ourselves on operating with complete integrity & fairness. Our main focus is to deliver you world-class service whilst treating you with the respect and decency that you deserve.


By working together, we can create the best care for cattle by using the most powerful scoring systems to eradicate lameness.


Our aim is to be the best we can be. This means we always learn from our mistakes and build upon them so that we can continue to improve. We are proud to say that this has allowed us to build trust with our customers.

Diversity and Inclusion

We work proudly alongside people from different backgrounds and who have different skills. This allows us to operate within a diverse and fun environment whilst giving everyone equal opportunities that allow them to develop and grow.


We have dedicated our lives to this industry and to the welfare of our cattle, and work hard every day to bring the best outcome we can.


We understand that no one has all of the answers all of the time. This is why we believe in working closely as a team so that we can always learn from one another and build upon our knowledge on a daily basis.


Dedication, passion and expertise are implemented into everything that we do. This means you and your cattle will be receiving the best quality services available in the market.

Promise To You

With the aim to eradicate lameness in cattle;- our purpose is to create the best possible experience for everyone that needs to access the cattle’s data. This means that we improve the lives of both our customers and the herd.

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The leaders

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Charlie Harding (aka The Hoofman)

CEO | Bovine Mobility Technician
Charlie has been in the Hoof Trimming industry for over 20 years. Being a registered and reputable RoMs Mobility Scorer, he is an expert in eradicating cattle lameness. He is the first person to have bought a hydraulic foot-trimming chute in the UK. Knowledgeable, personable & approachable, Charlie is known and respected for his no-frills attitude towards his work and our current clients are always appreciative of his invaluable advice and guidance. We try and get him to spend some time with us in the office as much as we can but his passion for farm life and sustaining healthy cattle means he is most comfortable out in the field trimming hoofs and taking names!
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Joe Hormenoo

Director of Technology
Joe has been the technology industry for over 18 years. He studied Computer Science and Cyber Security, and he is an expect is streamlining business processes. Over the last 12 years he has been focusing on converting paper based systems and securing business data. He works with the users to find out how to best improve and market our products.

Are you ready to make your business paperless?

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