All New All 4 Feet – Coming Soon

What is All 4 Feet?

All 4 Feet is a management portal for use by Farmers and Trimmers to manage foot treatment of cattle. It works alongside the use of a mobile application to create and upload scorings and reports to aid in the treatment of cattle. The system requires a username and password to view and has three types of users with varying levels of access.

Why the new look?

A new look and feel for All 4 Feet has been introduced to make the site more user friendly. The new look allows users to easily navigate around the site using the more inviting user interface with all features clearly visible.


Admin Features
  • Farm Management
  • Trimmer Management
  • User Management
  • Comment Manager
  • Report Transfers
  • Report Viewing
  • Notification Manager
  • Invoicing Manager
  • Calendar
  • Multilinguistic
User/Trimmer Features
  • My Farm Management
  • Cow Management
  • Calendar
  • Price List Viewing
  • Report Viewing
  • Custom Report Generation
  • Communication Preference
  • Visit Logs
  • Multilinguistic
  • User Settings