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      Photo taking & Upload

      Users can use to take up to 4 photographs using the app. The app can then be used to share the images of disease and infection at the earliest possible stage to enable timely intervention.

      Access Data Offline

      Download scores representing bovine health. As they have been downloaded to the tablet, even without internet connection you will be able to access a full history of bovine treatments on your tablet.

      Visit Appointment Updates

      The app syncs with the calendar on the online manager allowing you to view appointments so you always know where to be and what reports you may need.

      Automatic Software Updating

      Software updates are rolled out automatically across all registered devices.

      Batch transfer

      Transfer multiple scorings to the Online Manager in one transaction.
      All you need to do is mark the relevant records as ‘Ready to Transfer’, and then push the ‘Transfer All’ button.

      Bovine Alerts

      If a bovine has been seen in the last three months, you will automatically receive a history alert containing pictures of the visit.

      Bovine History

      Centralise and display all previous bovine hoof trimming history in a single location, including: disease diagnosis, recommended treatments and customised comments.

      Detailed Bovine History

      In depth display of all previous bovine history from the detailed disease indication and detailed hoof recording in a single location, this includes: disease diagnosis specific to area of foot, recommended treatments etc.

      Detailed Disease Indication

      Detailed marking of hoof disease and infection. Indicates which hoof and details regarding disease including severity and problem area.

      Disease Indication

      Standard marking of hoof disease and infection. Indicates the problem hoof, the disease and severity.

      Detailed Hoof Scoring

      Detailed marking of hoof disease and infection. Allows you to select and pinpoint the ICAR zone of the foot and record the issue including the severity of the problem in that area.

      Hoof Scoring

      Standard marking of hoof disease and infection. Indicates which hoof currently has an issue.

      Scoring Download

      Download scores representing bovine health, this means that you will be able to access a full history of bovine treatments on your tablet, even if another trimmer logged the score on a different device.

      Report Cloud Upload

      Upload recorded scoring reports of a herd before leaving the farm. This allows you to share data with farmers, other hoof trimmers and even vets.

      Treatment Comments

      Trimmers can add comments about anything from veterinary recommendations to ad hoc observations.

      User and Farmer Friendly

      The app operates a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

      Vet Alert

      Trimmers can highlight the records of any cows that will benefit from veterinary advice or treatment.

      Cloud Based Data Storage

      All reports and image uploads are stored on a cloud based data storage system.

      Heavy Duty Rubber Case

      Rugged heavy-duty removable rubber case, keeps the tablet safe for farmyard use.

      Cloud Manager Access

      The All4Hooves Cloud Manager is the administrative hub that syncs with each tablet, with a report viewing window for farmers.

      Mobility Scoring

      Makes a scoring and records how well a cow can walk, considering any issues that are present on the foot.

      Data Export

      Allows for data that has been made via the All4Hooves System to be exported to other database systems in order to analyse data.


      Manage, process and print invoices that are required based on any treatment needed or carried out on any cattle.

      Treatment Charging

      Marks that treatment is required/has been carried out on this particular cow and so therefore there is a fee.

      M Scoring Digital Dermatitis

      Incorporates the M scoring system of digital dermatitis scoring the disease in one to five stages.


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    What makes All4Hooves the right choice for hoof trimmers and farmers?

    Agricultural expertise

    With years of agricultural experience, our team has a deep understanding of the needs of hoof trimming companies. The All4Hooves system is highly functional, simple enough to deploy and use with little-to-no technical knowledge, and the tablets are ruggedly built to withstand life out in the farmyard.

    Happy cows, healthy profits

    We put animal welfare first. Data can be stored on each individual bovine, giving farmers convenient access to the information they need to keep their herds in peak condition. Not only does this mean happier cows, it also means healthier profits.

    Comprehensive herd management

    Everyone involved in the herd management process can check detailed hoof trimming reports in real-time and share information conveniently between each other. All related professionals can be registered as users, and sent requests and notifications so they know exactly what they need to do and when.