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Professional hoof trimmer by day, hoof whisperer by night. I make sure cows have happy feet, one hoof at a time. If you need a good laugh, just ask me about my ‘dancing with cows’ routine – it’s udderly hilarious!




25 Yrs

Work Distance

99 Miles



Public Liability Insurance



Dutch Diploma
NPTC City & Guilds

Systems we use

Cattle Handling & Operating Equipment

Our Services

Association / Membership

The National Association Of Cattle Hoof Trimmers (NACFT)
Irish Cattle Foot Trimmers Association (ICFTA)
Register of Mobility Scorers (ROMS)


Dutch Trained


Great Service

This was great I highly recommend.

Mandy Moore

Y’all wouldn’t believe it if

Y’all wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but thanks to the Hoof Smith, my cows are now practicing ballet in the farmyard! I used to think they had two left hooves, but now they’ve got the moves! I guess you could say Hoof Smith turned my herd into ‘moo-ving’ maestros!”

Jonny Blaze ( Jonny Farms ltd)

Amazing results

Before I met the Hoofsmith, my cows had more left feet than right ones! But now, thanks to their magical hoof-touch, my herd struts their stuff like they’re auditioning for ‘Cow’s Got Talent.’ I’m telling you, Hoofsmith is the real ‘hoof-roo’ behind my bovine superstars!”


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